MalaMala Game Reserve


MalaMala Game Reserve is the Safari Industry’s blueprint to the luxury photographic safari. This enormous tract of land offers unparalleled wildlife viewing.  MalaMala is the only game reserve in this region where the benefits of tourism directly support adjacent communities.

“Not even Tanzania’s famed Serengeti Game Reserve or the awesome Ngorongoro Crater fills your camera viewfinder faster with Africa’s legendary Big Five – at MalaMala, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros and elephant appear magically,” says acclaimed wildlife photojournalist Geoff Dalglish in his Sunday Times review. “Nor could Hollywood script the wide-screen wildlife encounters any more dramatically or frequently than nature does routinely in the private game reserve that is arguably South Africa’s most famous internationally.”

Rattray's on MalaMala

Rattray’s on MalaMala

Rattray’s on MalaMala offers a glimpse of an era long past, when distant travellers to Africa married the magic of the wild with elegance and refinement. View

MalaMala Main Camp

MalaMala Main Camp

MalaMala Main Camp is the oldest and most historical private game reserve in South Africa and the first to make the transition from hunting to photographic safari’s. View

Sable Camp

MalaMala Sable Camp

Imbued with the spirit of MalaMala, the Sable Camp is a more intimate version of the Main Camp and the choice for those seeking a more private and intimate safari.  View

Recent blog stories

The Airstrip male before his injury

Tribute to the Airstrip male

Written by: Pieter van Wyk | July, 2016

The Airstrip male leopard has sustained an injury to his left eye as a result of an aggressive encounter with the Marthly male leopard. At first glance it would appear that he cannot see through that eye, however, what you see is the inner membrane or inner eyelid… Read more

The Charleston males

The Charleston male lions

Written by: Dan Bailey | July, 2016

In April 2011, two male lions were born in an area known as Charleston. These two young male lions were then aptly named according to the territory that their maternal pride held before them, which is why today they are referred to as the two male lions from the Charleston coalition… Read more

Weekly sightings

MalaMala weekly highlights

Written by: MalaMala Rangers | June, 2016

Two lionesses from the Eyrefield pride, their four cubs and the Matshapiri male with the blonde mane were found with a fresh buffalo kill this morning east of Drum Crossing. The other lioness and Matshapiri male are still mating. The Island female had her bushbuck kill stolen by hyenas… Read more

“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke, that I was not happy”
– Ernest Hemingway
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