Ridge Rocks Males

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Three adult lions which control both the Windmill and Charleston Prides - Ridge Rocks Males:

January 2004

There was only one sighting of one of the Ridge Rocks Males this month and this at the very beginning of the report-period when he was seen with members of the Windmill Pride.  If this male, probably the sole survivor of the trio which arrived in this area several years ago, isn't now dead, he's most certainly not a force to be reckoned with and already other male lions are testing the area which he and his brothers once controlled. 

A young male lion, quite shy of landrovers, was seen near southeastern Charleston towards the beginning of January and then, towards the end of the month, three male lions, all apparently young adults and also wary of vehicles, were found on northern central Toulon.  These three lions slipped into the reeds of the Sand River soon after they were spotted, but chances are that they'll be back, watchful of landrovers probably because they've grown up in some or other wilderness area of the nearby Kruger National Park where vehicles are hardly ever seen, but lured by the territory vacated by the Ridge Rocks Males and the lionesses which this territory contains.

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