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Mlowathi Male - Image by Ranger Gareth Greensill

August 2010 (0 sightings) - (8 years 9 months)

This male has not been seen at all this month and was only seen once last month, there are confirmed reports that he has joined his older brothers in the west and that he has even taken the more dominant role there. Although it seems unlikely now that he will return with his brothers, maybe as he takes control to the west and becomes more dominant he might look to expand back west into his old hunting ground.

July 2010 (1 sighting) - (8 years 8 months)

This male was seen only once this month, with his brother having been killed by the 4 KNP males he spent a little time with the Marthly pride in the very north-west section of the property, before the 4 males caught up with them there and killed a sub-adult female from the Marthly pride and chased the pride and the Mlowathi male west. Since then he has joined up with his 3 older brothers in the west and taken the dominant role he has always held. He has killed some of his brother’s cubs and taken control over one of their prides. Once he settles into this new coalition it will be very interesting to see if he will bring his brothers east again to try and reclaim his territory that he seems to have given up to the 4 new males.

June 2010

(8 years 7 months): (10 sightings)
It has been a very interesting and difficult month for this coalition. They started off the month as strong as ever, roaring and mating in the northern parts of Mala Mala, then the 5 males from KNP came in and started challenging them. The two Mlowathi males went north and caught one of the male killing him. A few days later the remaining 4 KNP male returned and they managed to find the one Mlowathi male (Kinky tail) by himself and they returned the favour killing him and wounding the second Mlowathi male. This all happened in the first two weeks of the month and the rest of the month saw mostly a roaring contest between the remaining Mlowathi male and the 4 KNP males. The Mlowathi male has since recovered from his injuries and towards the end of the month settled with the Marthly pride eating two buffalo with them as he regained strength. However the 4 young males wanted the last say and caught up with the Marthly pride, killing 4 sub-adults and chasing the Mlowathi male off. The last we heard was that the Mlowathi male was with his three older Eyrefield brother to the west of Mala Mala, it will be very interesting if they will come across and challenge the 4 KNP males, it happened before with the Split Rock males.

May 2010

(8 years 6 months): (13 sightings)
The boys were erratic this month with them spending very few consecutive days on the property. They were often on their own which provided excellent viewing at night at the roared most nights. On the occasions they were with females it was always members of the Styx pride and it always seemed to be the male with the kink in his tail. Towards the end of the month the same male was found mating with the youngest member of the Styx pride around the Mlowathi river. The pair mated for several days which is a good indication that it’s for reproductive purposes and not a false oestrus to placate the male. The male with the Mohawk spent most of the month on his own but he also went west a lot probably to join up with the Marthly pride while his brother tried to woe the Styx pride. Let’s hope the pride accepts the males and the males calm their aggressive nature towards the sub adults.

April 2010

2 Mlowathi Males (8 years 6 months): (15 sightings)

Although these big males have been seen regularly this month they have not been on the property for a lengthy period of time. They have mostly been seen coming on and off of the property up at Mlowathi Dam on our northern boundary. They have been spending a lot of time with the Styx lionesses and seem to be trying to establish themselves at the dominant males over the Styx pride. They are still chasing the sub adults from the pride but the adult females seem to have settled with the Mlowathi males and accepted them. The Mlowathi males have not shown interest in moving east at all to go and challenge and chase off the 5 new males that seem to be trying to set up territory to the east. This probably due to the fact that these 5 new males have not been seen scenting or heard roaring and this is probably due to the fact that the new males are not mature enough or big enough to challenge the Mlowathi males yet. Until them the Mlowathi males still are the Dominant males in the north.

March 2010

• 2 Mlowathi Males (8 years 4 months): (30 sightings)

A very good month of sightings for these two males. Been present for almost every day of the month. Their movements took them from the Mlowathi dam in the north to Kapen open area in the middle, a substantial amount of real estate. Most of their time however was centred around the Mlowathi, the new airstrip and Piccadilly triangle. Both males also spent a substantial amount of time with two of the Styx lionesses mating. Hopefully this time they will produce a litter that will survive. Mentioned in the Styx prides report was the interaction that these two sets of lions had. The sighting proving that the males are still intent on taking dominance over the whole pride by killing off the four younger ones.

February 2010

• 2 Mlowathi Males (8 years 3 months): (21 sightings)

Success has come in small doses for these males so far. For such a completely dominant pair they have yet to produce a single cub or take complete control of any pride. The only pride under their complete dominance is the Marthly pride but this pride gets very little attention from the males has their attentions are taken by the prospect of more prides. The reality is that neither the Styx pride or the Eyrefield pride have accepted them and have gone into hiding leaving the males to bounce between the two Styx females in the Mlowathi and the two Eyrefield females around the airstrip. Besides ripping our lion prides apart these two males have to prove their worth and one begins to wonder if they ever will. Lets hope with all the mating they have been doing this month that cubs are just around the corner because otherwise we might be faced with a situation where the two prides will split which would be the worst scenario for the lion population.

Janiary 2010

• 2 Mlowathi Males (8 years 2 months): (13 sightings)

Having dominated the northern parts of mala mala or sometime now these two brothers have decided to expand once again, this time they set their target on their natal pride the Eyrefield pride. Perhaps ego or coincidence but the Eyrefield pride is also attracting a lot of attention from the golf course males and so these two have also decided they want a piece. This being their natal pride any dominance over this pride would be considered inbreeding by human standards but luckily their lions. First generation inbreeding has no side effects and any resulting cubs should grow up without any problems, as is with the Selati pride. So lets see what happens, now that they have left the Styx pride alone they might come back or if they successfully incorporate the Eyrefield pride into their huge territory we might see more of that pride and more cubs. Interesting times lie ahead of this powerful coalition, are they expanding to much and how successful will the pride be at raising their cubs if they are never around to provide protection.


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