Children’s programme


MalaMala Main Camp welcomes children of all ages. Children under 12 years, sharing accommodation with full paying adults, pay the quoted child tariff. Children aged four and under are not permitted to dine in the boma in the evenings. Special dining arrangements can be made and baby-sitting services are provided on request, at a nominal charge. Children aged four and under are unable to join the game drives, unless their parents / party have reserved sole-use of the game drive vehicle at the additional cost.

Family rooms may be used as a triple or a quad room to accommodate children – the sitting room / area is converted to a bedroom utilising single beds. Every room at MalaMala Main Camp has two bathrooms.

Crossing the Sand River at MalaMala
A part of the children's programme is going on a bush walk
Whilst on a bush walk, the group have come across giraffe
The group has a bush breakfast where the children learn various tasks
Children touching a chameleon during the children's programme

On arrival, the ranger assigned to the family will assess the age, enthusiasm and independence of the children and in collaboration with the parents and guardians, various activities will be offered. A MalaMala backpack including an interactive check-list, bird and mammal colouring books, cap, lip-ice and water are given to each child between the ages of 4 and 12.

The ranger allocated to the family will, throughout their stay, offer some of the following activities:

  1. The tracking of various animals from their spoor markings.
  2. Teach basic survival skills (where to find water, what plants are good to eat, medicinal uses of plants, the toothbrush and toilet paper trees).
  3. Warning signs of dangerous animals and first aid for emergency situations in the bush.
  4. A bush breakfast enables children to learn how to make fire and to participate in the meal preparation.
  5. Children are able to communicate on the radio (out of game drive times).
  6. Special meals and “ration packs” are prepared for children.
  7. Babysitters are available in the evenings if required.
  8. In camp there are children’s movies, wildlife movies (filmed on MalaMala) and board games.

The Sable Camp does not accommodate children under the age of 12, unless the entire camp is reserved exclusively.

Rattray’s on MalaMala does not accommodate children under the age of 16.