Private Charter


MalaMala Game Reserve’s airfield

Facilities provided.
(a) Fire Fighting: YES – CATEGORY 4
(b) Communications: 124,8 MHZ
(e) Customs and Immigration: NO
(f) Terminal Building: NO
(g) Night Operation NO

  • Please call MalaMala radio on 124,8Mhz at least 15 minutes prior to arrival to ensure that the airfield is checked and cleared.
  • On arrival, please overfly the airfield at 3000’ ASL and join the circuit downwind, east of the runway (which is overhead MalaMala property).
  • On departure, please head east (over MalaMala), circle and then overfly the windsock in a westerly direction.
  • Please use turning circles at either end of the runway – no turning on the runway.
  • This is a private airfield and prior approval to operate into MalaMala must be obtained at least 24 hours beforehand.

Please note:
• There are no refueling facilities for aircraft
• This is a private airfield

SA Civil Aviation Authority number856
Category2 with category 4 fire fighting equipment on request
Weight limitation of aircraft21 000 kg
Airfield Reference Point (ARP)24 49 03 South 31 32 40 East
Length of runway (meters)1308 m (tarred pavement)
Width of runway (meters)23 m
Elevation (AMSL)329 m (1100 ft) at Airfield Reference Point
Magnetic direction of runway16 / 34
Type of surface13 mm stone chip and spray, and slurry seal
Bearing strength (P.C.N)6 / F / B / W / T
Length of stopway(s)120 m
Surface of stopway(s)Gravel and grass
Apron size5402 m2
Windsock colourDay glow orange
Location24 48 55 South 31 32 38 East
Signal area locationNon-directional beacon S2 233.0 kHz at Skukuza
Aerodrome identification sign and locationFAMD MalaMala