Tuesday, 01 March 2016 marked a momentous occasion for MalaMala Game Reserve and for the South African eco-tourism industry in general. It saw the official launch of the “new” MalaMala Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd – a private public partnership between Mr Michael Rattray, the founder and previous owner of MalaMala, Mr Stephen Saad, the owner of the adjacent Kirkman’s Kamp and members of the N’wandlamhari Communal Property Association.
Left to right: Stephen Saad, owner of Kirkman’s Kamp, Nomfundo Gobodo, Chief Land Claims Commissioner, Michael Rattray, previous owner and founder of MalaMala Game Reserve, Willie Mkansi, Chairman of the N’wandlamhari Communal Property Association.
So what does this mean for our valued partners in travel?

MalaMala Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd has been granted an effective 20 year lease of the properties comprising the MalaMala Game Reserve by the N’wandlamhari Communal Property Association (NCPA), the registered owners of the MalaMala Game Reserve.

While there is change to the “corporate structure” of MalaMala Game Reserve it is important to understand that MalaMala’s guests will continue to enjoy the same levels of exceptional service and world class game viewing that have made MalaMala an internationally acclaimed game reserve. In fact, there are a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline that will enrich the safari experience for MalaMala’s guests.

There is enormous goodwill, excitement and energy at MalaMala as the company embarks on this new chapter in its history. The opportunities are endless and all parties are determined to ensure its success. 
MalaMala Main Camp & Sable Camp
We plan to invigorate and carefully re-imagine MalaMala Main Camp and Sable Camp. This will involve a measured, careful, and thoughtful approach that will see the 'new' MalaMala Main Camp and Sable Camp emerge. There is no specific time line to this - it will be an ongoing process as we quietly go about sharpening the 'look' and feel of the camp without compromising its wonderful history and soul. You can continue to book MalaMala in confidence knowing that your guests will not be impacted by any work being done and, as always, you can rest assured that the amazing wildlife will still be the absolute best there is in the South African bush.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the changes to the camps.
“New Camp”
Exciting plans are underway to build a new camp in the southern section of MalaMala Game Reserve, known as Charleston. The planning of this camp is progressing well and we anticipate the new camp opening in early 2019, if not sooner. Watch this space for details! 

New Photographic Vehicle
We are excited to advise that we now have a dedicated photographic vehicle comprising:
  • 3 rows of 2 bucket seats
  • A sliding camera mount per row
  • Bean bags for camera stability
  • Storage boxes for camera equipment
  • Under-seat lighting
  • A dedicated photographic ranger 
Rate: US$ 660.00 per vehicle per day (midday to midday)
Please note that this vehicle will be shared with the private vehicle requests currently on file until further notice.
3 new gameviewing landrovers have been purchased to upgrade our fleet and these will be available from 01 July 2016.
Change of company details
The MalaMala Game Reserve company details, including the registration number, Vat number and bank details have changed with immediate effect. The new details are:
MalaMala Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd
Company Registration number: 1993/006087/07
Vat Number: 4010146332
Bank Accounts

South African Rand

MalaMala Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 625 937 987 90
Branch Code: 27 01 50
Address: FNB One Umhlanga
US Dollars
MalaMala Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd
Bank: RMB Corporate Bank
Account Number: 395587
Address: 2 Kikembe Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, 4319
Branch Code: 262650
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ (First Rand Bank Ltd)
2017 Rates: We are delighted to confirm that the 2017 rates have been released and there will be no increase on the current 2016 rates for MalaMala Game Reserve, including MalaMala Main Camp, MalaMala Sable Camp and Rattray’s on MalaMala. This includes the transfer rates to and from Skukuza Airport, the drinks inclusive package and the private vehicle rate (subject to availability on confirmation of the reservations). The 2017 rates and contracts will be distributed over the next few days.
Traversing: As of 01 March 2016, Kirkman’s Kamp will have shared traversing with a maximum of 3 vehicles on the southern section of MalaMala Game Reserve known as Charleston. Likewise, MalaMala will traverse on Kirkman's Kamp with a maximum of 3 vehicles. We have attached an updated map of the MalaMala Game Reserve showing the joint traversing between MalaMala Game Reserve and Kirkman’s Kamp.  
Federal Air Rate Increase

Due to the depreciation of the South African Rand against the US Dollar, Federal Air has been required to increase its rates by 15% with immediate effect as follows:

Federal Air - directly into MalaMala Game Reserve
Adult rate (age 12 and above): ZAR 4 450.00 nett per person one way including airport taxes, passenger taxes and VAT
Child rate (age 11 and under): ZAR 3 500.00 nett per person one way including airport taxes, passengers taxes and VAT
2015 game viewing statistics

We have just finalised our latest game viewing statistics and 2015 was another exceptional year at MalaMala. 
Introduction to our "Jo'burg" team

We thought it may be useful to put a face to the names and voices of our sales, reservations and marketing team.
Left to right: Palesa Mofokeng, Chantel Fourie, Jonathan Morphet, Alison Morphet, Heather Smith, Lulu Nchabaleng. Absent: Xolile Hadebe – on well deserved leave.
Daily Facebook & Instagram posts

These detail the daily sightings on MalaMala Game Reserve. We have listed 4 days sightings for you to whet your appetite but please like the page to ensure you receive daily notifications of what is being seen on MalaMala Game Reserve.
MALAMALA TODAY: March 28th. 3 lion sightings: we followed the 2 Matshapiri males as they moved south and east across the central parts of MalaMala. The Marthly pride were in Piccadilly Triangle. The Fourways pride and all 4 cubs were seen in eastern Flockfield. 4 leopards: the Treehouse male treated us to an unsual sighting as he tried in vain to pull a hippo carcass out of a pool. The Kikilezi female had a brief encounter with the Marthly pride. The Island female discovered a half eaten impala carcass that a pack of cape hunting dogs had killed earlier in the day. The DOKF 3:3 was also seen.
Photos by ranger James Moodie @rangerjamtin
MALAMALA TODAY: March 26th: Lions- the 2 Matshapiri males were found close to Main Camp this morning where they stole the Treehouse male leopard's kill. The Fourways pride were seen again. Other leopards: the Bicycle Crossing male was viewed along the Kapen River baring battle scars - he has looked better.
Photo by ranger Morné Coetzer @rangermorne
MALAMALA TODAY: March 27th. 4 lion sightings: 2 Styx lionesses and 1 Gowrie male were in the north east close to a herd of 200 buffalo. The Marthly pride were hunting buffalo during lunch in front of Main Camp. The Fourways pride and their 4 cubs were in eastern Flockfield. 2 Eyrefield lionesses and 4 cubs were also viewed. 2 leopards: the Island female and the son of the Ostrich female were seen separately. Cape hunting dogs: a pack was seen along the northern reaches of the Matshapiri River. Many many many elephants were viewed today as well.
Photo by ranger James Moodie @rangerjamtin
MALAMALA TODAY: March 25th. Lions: the Charleston lioness and her two cubs were seen after a long absence - all 3 appear good and healthy. The Fourways pride and their 4 cubs were in eastern Flockfield with the 2 Matshapiri males. Leopards: the Accipiter male was viewed at Matshapiri Open Area. The Airstrip male and the DOKF 3:3 were also seen.
Photo by ranger Robin Hester @gameranger_rob
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