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Mystic winter: A photographic essay

This is the season of the predators. The nights are long and the herbivores are getting weaker by the day as the vegetation that is so crucial to their well being is making way for dusty plains. The Eyrefield pride spends most mornings lazing about warming themselves in the winter sun. They don’t go very far from the river as they know the river will attract herds of buffalo and other herbivores to drink. The hyena den to the East of Buffalo bush dam is now home to two new members of the clan, providing the rangers and their guests with hours of entertainment... read more

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MALAMALA TODAY: July 20th. Two lion sightings. The Eyrefield pride and one Matshapiri male were still feeding off their buffalo kill east of Drum Crossing. The Sand River pride were viewed at Charlseton Rock down in the south. Three leopards: the Kikilezi female was without her cubs west of Main Camp. The Island female was just south of Main Camp. An unidentified leopard was seen along Charleston Drive. Cheetah: the two brothers were at Clarendon Open Area. Two herds of buffalo and many elephant sightings were recorded. A honey badger was also viewed.
MALAMALA TODAY: July 19th. Two lion sightings: two lionesses from the Eyrefield pride, their four cubs and the Matshapiri male with the blonde mane were found with a fresh buffalo kill this morning east of Drum Crossing. The other lioness and Matshapiri male are still mating. Five leopards: the Island female had her bushbuck kill stolen by hyenas just south of Main Camp. The Kikilezi female and her two cubs were also close to Main Camp. The Tamboti female was hunting near West Street Bridge. Two herds of buffalo and many elephants were seen as well as two ostriches and a honey badger.
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