On Monday morning MalaMala awoke to a heavy shower of long anticipated and much needed rain that soaked the parched landscape. The rainfall began in the early hours of the morning, bringing relief to the earth and renewed energy to the wildlife. 

MalaMala 2017 calendar

The much anticipated 2017 MalaMala calendars are now available for purchase. These beautiful calendars feature monthly wildlife images taken by guests and rangers on MalaMala Game Reserve. For more information, please visit our website

Cost per calendar: ZAR 150.00 excluding postage / courier.

Please email marketing@malamala.com with your calendar requests.

Did you know? 

In 1962, MalaMala Game Reserve became the first operator to commence photographic safaris in the area adjacent to the Kruger National Park. This 'new tourism' was a substantial change from the 'tourism' of hunting that had prevailed in the area since the late 1920’s. This exclusivity lasted for almost ten years before the concept of photographic safaris became popular on the properties surrounding MalaMala.
In 1963, 53 years ago, the tariff was then the princely sum of R11.00 per day, the equivalent today of $0.80 per person. For your R11.00 per day however, you were deprived of electricity at night, swimming pools and air-conditioners in the heat of the summer, heaters in winter and the luxury of the freshest foods and salads.

In the promotional material of the day (printed above), it is interesting to note that: Rates are inclusive of lodging, food, teas, laundry, guide fees and all transport around MalaMala to see game. Liquor is not provided but guests must bring their own. Usual brands of cigarettes and films are on hand as well as soft drinks and soda water.
It is also interesting to know that for your R11.00 per day, you were deprived of your own bathroom, a longshot from the present "his and hers" double bathrooms en-suite and luxurious air conditioned rooms. Today the khaya’s (suites) at Rattray’s on MalaMala offer their own private plunge pools together with a communal swimming pool at all 3 camps. 

In 2017, MalaMala’s rates will remain unchanged from 2016. To view 2017 rates, please visit our website.

Blog by photographer Max Waugh

I was fortunate to visit MalaMala twice during my South Africa trip, starting with a two day stay (my prize for winning the Photographer of the Year competition), and later a three day visit in early August, when I brought my photo tour group back to experience the wonders of the reserve.

You never know what you’ll see here. I like to come for the leopards, and indeed, we saw at least six different individuals, including the Kikilezi Female with her cubs (the third time she’s had cubs when I’ve visited!), and a couple of the big males.  We had front row seats for a territorial showdown between the Bicycle Crossing Male and the Treehouse Male in the river bed directly across from camp, and on our final morning one of my guests spotted the Bicycle Crossing Male again, giving us a chance to “roll” with him as he patrolled his territory... Read more.

Daily Facebook & Instagram posts

MALAMALA TODAY: November 5th. Five lion sightings: Two of the lionesses from the Marthly pride and their five cubs were found south of Stwise Koppie. The two Clarendon males were viewed south of Main Camp. Both Matshapiri males were found in Matshapiri Open Area. The Eyrefield pride were about 1km east of their dominant males. An unidentified pride was seen in the south. Seven leopards: the Piccadilly female, an unidentified male, the Kikilezi female and her two cubs were all viewed together in a tense sighting. The Island female was near Piccadilly pans. An unidentified leopard was seen in the south.

MALAMALA TODAY: November 6th. A MalaMala 7 day! Three lion sightings: the two Clarendon males and two of the lionesses from the Marthly pride with their five cubs are on a buffalo kill in the Manyelethi River. The Eyrefield pride have joined the two Matshapiri males in Matshapiri Open Area. The large unidentified male we viewed not so long ago was seen south and east of Campbell Koppies. Four leopards: the Sibuye female was viewed with the Senegal Bush male along the northern reaches of the Mlowathi River. Both cubs of the Kikilezi female were seen in Marthly. Cheetah: the two brothers were tried in vain to bring down an abandoned young buffalo in Clarendon Open Area. Cape hunting dogs: the pack of three was viewed in front of Sable Camp.

Leopard cubs of MalaMala

"Leopards can be hard to find in many camps in Africa... but not at MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa. This mom and her two cubs entertained us for several days." 

Barry and Michelle Miller recently visited us on a photographic safari and were kind enough to share some of the footage they captured. Click here to view the adorable video compilation of the Kikilezi female and her cubs.

Thank you for sharing Barry and Michelle!

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