MalaMala Re-imagined – A New Dawn

After months of planning and preparation, the re-imagination of MalaMala Main Camp and Sable Camp has begun and to whet your appetite, we have included some detailed “renderings” of the re-imagined suites. 

We were adamant that the unique history and soul of MalaMala was not lost in the re-imagination process and judging by the renderings below, we believe that the camp will keep its real, honest and “authentically African” feel. It will have a fresher and sharper look but retain the warmth and character synonymous with MalaMala.

MalaMala re-imagined suite
MalaMala re-imagined bathroom
*please note that the glass dividing screen between the WC and bathroom will be frosted. 

From a visual perspective, we have erected a tall wooden fence to ensure that the refurbishment area remains completely separate and out-of-sight from the rest of the camp.

Fence separating the refurbishment area from the rest of the camp

We have refined the time-line for the re-imagination project and have included an updated “phase map” below. We are confident of achieving the completion date of 30 June 2018 but will keep you regularly updated on the progress of the project.  

Finally, please note that while the re-imagination process is ongoing, there will be no distinction between a Sable Camp and a Main Camp booking. In effect, Sable Camp will only begin to operate as a separate, stand-alone camp once the re-imagination process is complete!

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