MalaMala is one of the few genuine black economic empowered eco-tourism businesses in South Africa, and the local N'wandlamhari community are equity owners in the company.

The community derives significant income from multiple revenue streams, each applied to different aspects of its social and economic development:

  • Dividends are used to fund community-based small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) and other infrastructure projects
  • Lease fees are distributed to community-based households by way of a “stipend”
  • The Community Tourism Levy is applied to the education and training of community members in all fields of hospitality and eco-tourism

Education and training are essential aspects of the MalaMala-N'wandlamhari community partnership, and community-based students have been enrolled at the South African Training College in Graaff-Reinet, the MRTT tourism and hospitality college, and the University of South Africa. Education and training are key to the future success and sustainability of MalaMala and we are investing considerable resources in this field.

Job creation is another core principle of the partnership, and approximately 50% of all MalaMala employees are from the community. Further, MalaMala has an in-house training programme for the upskilling and promotion of employees to more senior roles.

Ultimately, MalaMala’s objective is to improve the lives of each and every community member, and every tourist dollar will contribute to this cause.