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Raising Boys

Out of all the animals in the animal kingdom, there are very few that fascinate me as much as the leopard. Their secretive nature, elusive behaviour and tremendous adaptability has resulted in many gaps in scientific literature. They have the uncanny ability to continually surprise the observer.

Robyn Sewell

A Ranger's Interview

As a ranger in South Africa, you often hear of this mystical place called MalaMala Game Reserve (aka "The Promised Land"). Stories, as we all know, can sometimes sound too good to be true and so I found myself wondering if these unconfirmed reports were fact, or simply fiction, hyped up by the ‘bush telephone’. I decided to find out for myself…

A Band Of Brothers

To be a ranger (part 1)

What does it take to become a ranger? Do we study something ranger-related at university? Do we have to take special off-road driving courses? These are questions often asked by guests.

Headline Image Percy Khoza Ready To Welcome Guests  Photo By Ranger Liam Henderson

Driven to achieve

Percy Khoza is a great example of how, in the words of Nelson Mandela, something always seems impossible until it is done. Percy started working at MalaMala in May 2013, with no experience. But, she has since grown in leaps and bounds. Percy was recently promoted to a full-time receptionist and we are extremely proud of her.

2018 01 27 Photo 00000022 1

Grass Roots Inspiration

Whilst on safari at MalaMala Game Reserve there’s a good chance that you’ll bump into our resident ecology student, Priscilla. She’s a passionate and driven individual, a devoted single mother and a strong woman who stands confidently in a male dominated industry. Priscilla took a break from her busy schedule to tell us a little bit about herself.

The Senegal Bush Male  By Ranger Pieter Van Wyk

The weigh-in

On Friday, a stone throw away from Sable Camp, we experienced all the pre-fight drama one might expect before a world title clash between two heavyweight boxers. The contestants: the Inyathini male and the Senegal Bush male.

A Cub Of The Teardrop Female In Ingwe Donga  By Ranger Johannes D Welman Jpg

Hope springs eternal

It is human nature to find fresh cause for optimism and to keep on believing despite the odds. A year of tragic losses within our leopard population left us reeling and desperately searching for that eternal spring called ‘hope’. While we were doing that, the leopards were getting on with life.

A Breeding Male Laying The Foundations Of A New Nest Right Next One From The Previous Season

An in-camp wildlife experience: Weavers

Birds. They’re some our planet’s finest builders, nature’s architects and engineers, crafting homes of spectacular design in every corner of the earth. Some are elegantly simple, others are surprisingly complex.

Pieter Van Wyk2

The “Elephant Compression” debate

In our last blog on elephants we mentioned the pivotal role they play in facilitating ecological processes. But what happens when we suspect an overpopulation of these ‘industrial landscapers’? - The “Elephant compression” debate heats up.