An exciting career opportunity awaits an experienced APU Sergeant to apply for this position at a prestigious group of wildlife & game properties. The properties are situated on the boundary of the Kruger National Park, and the group comprises of three lodges.

Title APU Sergeant
Salary TBA
Location Mpumalanga, South Africa
Job Information

To apply for this position, please email cv to:


· Must Have PSIRA grade B.

· Valid Police Clearance Certificate is required.

· Have to have served in an Anti-Poaching unit as a CPL or Sergeant with a minimum of 1 year service experience in the position.

· Must have a firm knowledge of bush craft ( Animal behaviour, Navigation, Man and Animal Tracking)

· K9 handler experience and DH levels are beneficial.

· Weapons competencies for business use are essential in three categories:

o Shotgun

o Rifle

o Self-loading Rifle

· Excellent communication skills

· Strong leadership, managerial, organisational and decision-making skills.

· Be a hard-working, problem-solving, multi-tasker.

· Must be able to work independently at times and must practice effective time management.

· English literacy level, must have an excellent command of the English language including reading, writing and speaking

· Must be physical fit and have sober habits.

· Have to have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, ability to work long and flexible hours.

· Computer Literacy, Word, Excel and Outlook.

· First aid level 1

· Be Pro-active and be a positive team player.

· Strong work ethic, must be able to work long flexible hours


The APU Sergeant is responsible for:

· Relief of APU Officer when on leave or off site.

· To attend meetings in the place of the APU Officer when he is not available or on leave.

· To maintain discipline within the APU ranks.

· Administration, it is required that registers such as weapon and ammunition issues are up to date and maintained and will form part of the APU Sergeants duties.

· In the absence of the APU officer the Sergeant is required to liaise with third party companies. ( WPS, SSNR, GKEPF,MPTA and SAPS)

· Camp Inspections whether it be Xindzele Camp or any allocated Picket or Mobile Picket.

· The APU Sergeant will ensure the readiness of the Deployment teams at all times and this includes:

o Deployment Times

o Training

o K9 exercises

o Company dress regulations

o General Discipline of the APU members

· The APU Sergeant is responsible for the general wellbeing of the members and will report all abnormalities and changes to the APU Officer.

· The APU sergeant is responsible for the supervision of the APU team during, maintenance tasks, conservational efforts, training and operational tasks.

· General APU roles

o Daily Roll Call

o Day/Night patrols. 24/7 standby (training and patrols)

o It will be required that the APU Sergeant from time to time be deployed in mobile picket locations

o Daily Listening posts.

o Camera checks.

· Oversight of Xinzele camp

o Regular inspections

o Ensuring overall cleanliness and upkeep

· Picket inspections

· Quarterly Stock takes of Mobile Pickets


The APU Operations Assistant reports to the APU Officer.

He/she will be required to relieve the APU Officer when he/she goes on leave and will be accountable to the General Manager and Operations Director during this time.

He/she will be required to be in contact with the Head Ranger and Head of Habitat on any field/conservation related activities whilst in the relief role.

Other relief duties include:

o Attendance at 07:30am morning meetings

o Attendance at GKEPF meetings or any relevant meetings of this nature (compile minutes for handover upon APU Officer return)

o Management and compliance with all policies and procedures implemented by the APU Officer in their absence.

o Oversight of deployments, patrols and pickets.

o Any other activity/duty assigned by the APU Officer in his/her handover.

The statements contained here reflect general details as necessary to describe the principle functions of this position, the level of knowledge and skill typically required, the general scope of responsibility, and should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of the work.

The APU Sergeant may be asked from time to time to assist with any reasonable task, required by management for the effective running of the reserve.

Applications close on the 22 January 2023. No late applications will be entertained.

The appointment will be made in line with the company Employment Equity plan.