The Head Ranger is responsible for the management, co-ordination and supervision of all rangers (from all camps) at all times. They are the Head of Department and are responsible for all safari activities.

Title Head Ranger
Salary TBA
Location Mpumalanga
Job Information


The Head Ranger reports to the General Manager for day to day activities and to the Operations Director on policy development and all field related activities. The Head Ranger is to work with the Operations Manager on all ranger performance matters, safari policy implementation and standard operating procedures. The Operations Director is to be contacted daily and kept abreast on field related issues and game movements. The Head Ranger is the most senior member of staff when in the field and all staff when working in the field including but not limited to; rangers, field staff, field rangers, ecology students, researchers and APU’s, are to keep him/her informed of their movements and activities in the field. The Head Ranger is not responsible for their respective duties but needs to be informed and aware of their activities in the field in order to co-ordinate all of their movements in the field if and when required.

The Head Ranger is responsible for leading by example and ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of the MalaMala Game Reserve safari experience by all rangers at all times. They are responsible for co-ordinating on-going training of all rangers in conjunction with the Human Resources Manager and General Manager.

The Head Ranger will be expected to assist in any emergency in the field or at any of the camps. As a senior member of staff, the Head Ranger may be required to lead under these circumstances. This could include but is not limited to fires (in camp and/or in the field), medical emergencies, passive and/or logistical support to the APU and environmental activities. The Head Ranger will relinquish his seniority in the field in the presence of the Fire Marshall who holds the highest authority but will support the Fire Marshall if and when required.


  • Strong leadership, managerial, organisational and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrate attention to detail and be guest- and service-oriented.
  • Be a hard-working, problem-solving, multi-tasker.
  • Able to work independently and practice effective time management.
  • Be a proactive, positive team player.
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Strong work ethic, ability to work long and flexible hours
  • An empathetic appreciation of the needs of all MalaMala Game Reserve guests.
  • Physically fit, sober habits and in good health
  • FGASA level 1 (NQF level 2) or higher
  • First Aid level 1 (Minimum)
  • Valid PrDP licence
  • Handle and use of a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes – SAQA ID 123519
  • NDT registered
  • Lead trails qualification
  • Valid Advanced Rifle Handling qualification
  • 3 – 5 years of “Big 5” African Safari guiding experience
  • 1 – 2 years of assistant head ranger or head ranger experience
  • English literacy level: Must have an excellent command of the English language including reading, writing and speaking
  • Computer literacy level: Use of Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Disabilities: N/A

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