Hidden gems

On the 4th of June 1900, a day before the British forces occupied Pretoria, a vast amount of gold was removed from the SA Mint and National Bank. It was supposedly done on the order of President Paul Kruger to avoid it being captured by the British.

On the double!

A key part of any bar experience is that welcoming presence behind the counter. At Rattray’s on MalaMala that presence comes in the form of Trevor Lazarus. With smoky-white hair and a wizened demeanor, Trevor oozes experience. His warm smile and infectious laugh make him easy to like.

Foam nest frogs

Days of overcast and wet conditions on MalaMala Game Reserve have now given way to clear blue skies. The wind has died down and the smell of rain has faded like a distant memory. It almost feels like we’ve entered into a calmer world but any sense of emptiness is an illusion.

To be a ranger (part 1)

What does it take to become a ranger? Do we study something ranger-related at university? Do we have to take special off-road driving courses? These are questions often asked by guests.

Driven to achieve

Percy Khoza is a great example of how, in the words of Nelson Mandela, something always seems impossible until it is done. Percy started working at MalaMala in May 2013, with no experience. But, she has since grown in leaps and bounds. Percy was recently promoted to a full-time receptionist and we are extremely proud of her.

When a giant falls

Elephants can live up to 60 years, consuming about 200 kilograms of food everyday. But when they die a massive nutrient recycling process is unleashed. Even after death an elephant plays a pivotal roll within its ecosystem.

The weigh-in

On Friday, a stone throw away from Sable Camp, we experienced all the pre-fight drama one might expect before a world title clash between two heavyweight boxers. The contestants: the Inyathini male and the Senegal Bush male.

The conquerers

It appears that the Gowrie male lion coalition now has full control over the entire northern half of MalaMala Game Reserve. During the last year they’ve successfully ousted the Clarendon males, out-competed the Manyeleti males and out-intimidated the Avoca males, whilst keeping the mighty Mantimahle males at bay.

The Kambula pride. Boom or bust?

The dynamics within our lion population over the last year have been anything but stable. Many of us here have joked that a blog on the topic would require only one character, a question mark.