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MalaMala Game Reserve offers some of the very best wildlife photographic opportunities on the planet.

The photographic experience includes a dedicated photographic ranger to guide you through your safari. Their intuitive knowledge of animal behaviour and skilled positioning of the vehicle affords one enhanced wildlife photographic opportunities. This, coupled with the option of either a sliding, cushioned camera rail or a fixed, cushioned camera rail, affords one the greatest comfort and stability when attempting to capture those quintessential wildlife images you’ve been waiting for.

The photographic experience can be booked for individuals, families or small groups travelling together. It is ideal for both enthusiastic amateurs as well as seasoned veterans.

Features of the photographic experience include the following:

  • Three rows of bucket seats on the vehicle complete with inter-changeable storage boxes for your gear/sundry items.
  • A sliding, cushioned camera rail or a fixed, cushioned camera rail attached to the vehicle.
  • Bean bags for added camera stability.
  • A dedicated photographic ranger.

· Packed breakfasts/lunches available to facilitate more time spent in the field in pursuit of your best shot!

Rate: US$770 for the Photographic Experience package per day (midday to midday)

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